Meet Zoomer the perfect family pet, a new voice activated robot toy puppy from Spin Master. He is so smart he understands several languages, you can train him, he will stay off the furniture, not drool, no bad puppy breath, no puppy accidents, no chewing on your stuff, no whining or barking, no shedding all over, no having to pay for costly check ups at the vet, no having to buy food or treats, you can bring Zoomer along when you travel no worries about boarding. You can stop reading right? Already sounds like a winner, but really this article will dig deeper into the outstanding features that makes Zoomer a must have toy this year.

yes zoomer robotic puppy

Zoomer Features

Realistic 360 Degrees Rotating Joints

When Zoomer sees you, much like a real puppy he will get excited and wag his tail. His body language is realistic in that he twists, turns, bends and moves his body effortlessly and responds right away to your commands.

Zoomer is a puppy and he does what most dogs do, he likes to sniff things. He will also curl up for a nap when he gets tired. With proper training he will follow his owner for a walk anywhere, park, yard or around the house. He is quite flexible and can do tricks. He can, whine, pant, bark, and speak. Zoomer is a unique toy puppy with a neat playful personality. You will be hard pressed to tire of his amazing tricks.
Voice Command Receptors and Processors

The toy comes with multiple voice sensors that help him to promptly respond to voice commands in pretty much the same way disciplined puppies do. What makes Zoomer different from your other toys is that he is not pre-trained. You have to spend some time with him so he slowly becomes accustomed to different activities that you would like him to do. His system is capable of processing over 30 commands.

Multiple Language Receptors and Processors

Zoomer understands English, Spanish and French. You turn him on using a switch that’s located inside a flap that is on his underbelly and select the appropriate language option. After doing this, you hit his head gently. This will signal him that you’re about to issue a command. You’ll notice question marks appearing on his eyes. At this point you can go ahead to command him to perform various activities depending on the type of training you’ve given him. If you issue a foreign command, he’ll not respond and an X sign will appear on his eyes.

yes robotic zoom puppy

USB Charger

You can charge up your toy by USB cable. No batteries to worry about and older children should be able to recharge the toy themselves. This USB socket is located inside a flap on his underbelly, just next to the language selection tool and power button. Full charge takes about one hour. After he’s fully charged, he offers 30 to 40 minutes play-time.

Advanced Infra-red Tech Sensor System

Zoomer’s advanced sensor system enables him to adapt to different surfaces without much hassle. He can speed along on hardwood or carpeting without hitting objects on his way since he knows where to stop and back away. He seems to see and have a good grasp of his surroundings. So strong are his sensors that he is even capable of responding to some of your actions to him. For instance, if you scratch his underbelly or offer him a treat, his super-sensors recognize this and prompt him to wiggle his flexible tail happily. Zoomer utilizes infrared collision avoidance technology to automatically measure distances using the laws of physics.

IOS and Android Apps

The superior robotic puppy dog has an iOS and Android app that allows kids to learn how to train their pet. This app is available free of charge and is also compatible with IPhone or IPAD.

Hypoallergenic Zoomer Features

With incidences of asthma on the rise, this is the only toy you’ll need to get to keep your kids healthy. Forget about the risk of transmittable diseases, this toy is the in thing when it comes to keeping everyone in your home happy and healthy. Other stunning Zoomer features include:

* LED eyes with blinking capabilities
* Rotational core that allows him to roll over
* Easy and fun to train!
Zoomer is the only ‘puppy’ you’ll ever need in your home:

Have they asked you to get them a puppy recently? If they are 5+ then you definitely need to get them Zoomer. They surely won’t want to let him go once they got hold of him!

The Amazon customer reviews from the owners of Zoomer are overall very good.



What About Cons?

Overall, it’s a great toy and we can’t really find any major faults. However, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind before getting your credit card out.

The main thing that we’d really like to stress is that the Zoomer is not suitable for young children. We’re talking about 3 and under.

It’s sometimes tempting to ignore the warning on the box, but we agree with Zoom Pets on this one due to the small parts included in the package. They may be a choking hazard, so we’d rather be safe than sorry. If you really want to get it, stick to supervised gameplay at all times.

We love Amazon due to excellent customer service and free shipping. We also like the discounts they offer on most toys. This is a real popular item and may sell out so get it early before the holidays.







Kia & Nokia


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Jello Shots For Your Next Party


Reasons for a party: holiday ,birthday, friday, football Sunday, picnic, tailgating…you get the point and if your like me you need to bring something but what? Bring Jello Shots to your next party.

The video below shows you how to easily make jello shots for your next party.



OK so that was easy right but now what flavors do you want? What kind of Alcohol do you want to use Rum, Vodka or others? Do you have supplies, such as the shot glasses to drink them from or perhaps you want to make shooters instead.

Did you know how many different flavors of Jello there are? I think around or close to thirty so your colors and flavors are numerous.

Click on the Jello Shots below to get your fill of Jello Shot Recipes so you can make these delicious treats for your next party.

jello shots for your next party










Sofia Talking Doll and Friends Review

sofia talks

You want to bring joy and happiness to your princess and make her day? Of course you do and if she is a fan of the Disney TV series Sofia The First (a spin-off of their popular Disney Princess series) Then she will have to have Sofia The First, Talking Sofia and Animal Friends. There is already a Disney Sofia The First Princess Sofia Doll but the newest edition is a must have, as the new Sofia talks.

sofia talks



Sofia comes from the TV series that began in early 2013. This is a show that is getting rave reviews by parents due to the positive and valuable messages of honesty, loyalty, compassion, and grace, but even better is the main theme that being a princess is based on what is inside your heart not your outer appearance. The computer animated show enjoyed by so many young girls is about Sofia, an ordinary girl who suddenly becomes a princess.

With this new offering, it is perfect timing to begin Sofia The First’s 2nd season with the release of the Sofia Talking Doll and Friends. Sofia is an interactive doll with her three animal friends. Let’s look at some features, benefits, pro’s and cons of this beautiful doll.

The New Sofia Talks Features

The first thing you’ll notice with the box is how attractive it is. The box is splashed with the color of Sofia’s dress, which is purple, with loads of other images of the animals and Sofia herself. A hole is placed right where Sofia’s amulet is, with a big “Try Me,” encouraging you to press the amulet to activate the sounds.

The toy comes with the 10″ Sofia doll and three figurines of her animal friends – Clover the Rabbit, and birds Robin the Robin and Mia the Bluebird. When you place the animals in front of Sofia’s amulet, the doll will “talk,” with over 30 phrases to unlock, as if she’s conversing with the animals. Just like the TV series, Sofia’s amulet glows, allowing her to understand and converse with her animal friends. Sofia only talks one at a time, so you can only bring one figurine to the amulet to get the doll to talk.

Sofia’s dress is one of the highlights of the toy as every little detail can be found on the gown. Sofia looks enchantingly beautiful with her purple gown that has a sparkling bodice, a sheer peplum, and a multilayered balloon skirt. The skirt is especially attractive with the white details on the petal overlays, plus a white underskirt. Sofia’s glittering tiara is placed on her curly locks.

The doll comes with 3 AAA batteries, which are all included and ready to use. The doll is also recommended for girls aged 3 to 9 years.

Benefits of The New Talking Sofia: Pros and Cons

The great thing about the Sofia Talking Doll and Friends is that little girls can pretend to be Sofia or her best friend, as they relive the journeys of Sofia in the kingdom, and create stories of their own. Girls can spend hours playing with the interactive toy, conversing with the animal friends and unlocking all the phrases.

There are many pros of the Talking Sofia doll, which starts with its size – which is neither too small nor too big for little girls – they’re just the perfect height. The doll’s gown is made of actual fabric that can be taken off for cleaning, as well as the tiara for when your little girl would want to brush Sofia’s hair. The doll is extremely well made, looks and sounds just like Sofia. Just like the message of the show, the doll can also teach little girls about the great values of being a good princess who is good to others and animals, as well.

The cons of the talking Sofia doll starts with the batteries. Though batteries are included when you purchase the toy, they’re actually there for the “Try Me” feature which is used for when they are placed in a store, so you’d still have to buy new ones if you want batteries that will last for a long time. The animal figurines are also small, which can easily get lost. Also, the doll can’t stand or sit alone, which means your little girl can only play with it when it’s lying down or when she’s holding it.

For more information read the following customer reviews and product video

sofia talks



The Sofia Talking Doll and Friends is the perfect gift for little girls who are avid fans of the Disney series. Every little girl wants to be a princess and Sofia is not only pretty, but teaches great values, as well.

sofia talks

Since Christmas is fast approaching, better buy your Sofia Talking Doll and Friends today to avoid the disappointment of not being able to buy one when stocks run out during the rush shopping seasons. Amazon is offering 18% off on the Sofia Talking Doll and Friends – from the original price of $39.99, it is now only $32.88, giving you a total of $7.11 in savings. Free shipping is also being offered, giving you more savings and value for your money.






Crayola Marker Maker In-Depth Review

crayola marker maker

What is Crayola Marker Maker?

One of the main stays for any gift for a child is crayola. Let us not forget coloring is popular from preschoolers to young adults. Heck I’ve been known to color alongside the kids as I’m sure most adults have. Some of the best gifts for boys and girls of all ages are crafts. If you really want to spice up the coloring and drawing experience then be sure to try the Crayola Marker Maker.

The Crayola Marker Maker allows kids to make their own markers in any hue, shade or color they desire. They get to see how the marker is made, and they also get to make their own colors and labels. Creating their own markers is thrilling and prideful, what a neat gift right?

You can enjoy a 27% saving off the list price and free shipping right here!





With this product sixteen markers can be built. Refill packs are available. This kit is simple to use. Using a beaker, you mix the dyes together to come up with your color, you then add the marker wick, allow it to soak up the dye, insert the soaked wick into a pen case, label and you have your own self made marker.

The Crayola Marker set includes: two tubes to measure out the ink, tweezers, and marker parts (tips, wick, caps, etc.) three bottles of ink. There is also equipment for measuring out the ink, and a stand suited to holding all the pieces and keeping the ink where it belongs- in the markers. Additional ink and marker pieces are available in refill packs.

The Crayola Marker Maker allows the kids to make custom markers. your Markers can be labeled any way you wish, you can invent new colors, and new names. Storage boxes are also included keeping everything organized neatly.

Instructions are easy to follow and the creation process is also fairly easy. Included is a mixing chart which is helpful to young children, but is otherwise not really needed. Most kids will want to jump right in, and are familiar enough with the color chart anyhow. Most youngsters will just love the fun of making new and surprising colors.

The best feature perhaps is the ability to make markers in any color of the rainbow. Most markers are standard, but the Crayola Marker Maker allows you to invent different hues and shades of any color, or maybe a soft or dark shade of your favorite or more common color. The process simply up to you.

As your child enjoys this set, another benefit is that the refill packs are fairly cheap (under $10) so you can be confident that following the initial purchase your child can be able to keep enjoying this toy without breaking the bank.

Also, the Crayola Marker Maker is suitable for almost any child who enjoys coloring; Feel confident buying a present for a child you do not know well, or pick something up for a young relative whose interests change with the seasons!

crayola marker maker

As with any arts and crafts that is out there, there is the chance that you might run into a mess. Ink bottles can be spilled, and so can tubes during the mixing process. Also, markers can end up used on walls or other unsuitable surfaces. However, just about every crafting toy faces the threat of a mess, and while the Crayola Marker Maker minimizes that threat by using a firm base with a slot for tubes, it is still up to the child themselves.

Unsuitable to young children that will play with the ink bottles and wet wicks to create large messes – recommended for children over six years old.

make markers with crayola marker makers



Buy Crayola Marker Maker
Imagine your child’s delight as they run up to tell you they “invented” a new color. If your child requests the Crayola Marker Maker this holiday season make sure you do not disappoint by placing an early order. Amazon offers deals on the Crayola Marker Maker year round, if you do not feel like waiting (or fighting) through Black Friday. This holiday season do not miss out when every other parent is rushing to the toy store – pick yours up early and turn your little one into a color scientist with the Crayola Marker Maker!





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